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Welcome to my little place on the web

I was born and grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. My mother is Danish and my father is a Moroccan Berber. As they divorced when I was only two years old, my mother brought me up mostly as a single parent. She did re-marry, however, so my upbringing was not entirely without a father figure.

From my early childhood I have had a passion for performing; both singing and acting. As a nine-year old boy I joined the Copenhagen Boys Choir (The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir), where I was classically trained and where I performed for 12 years. After my time in the choir I continued performing as a singer in various band constellations, which somehow eventually led me to acting.

Today, I am a trained actor with a passion for breathing life into written characters; be they dramatic or comic. Most of my work has been with the underground film scene in Copenhagen. I have been lucky to receive my training from the following prominent acting coaches:

To keep myself reasonably fit, both mentally and physically, I train Wing Chun Kung Fu under the instruction of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok (UK)